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Brazil is the largest national economy in Latin America,

Major export products include aircraft, coffee, automobiles, soybean, iron ore, orange juice, steel, ethanol, textiles, footwear, corned beef and electrical equipment.

“investment grade” economy is diverse
encompassing agriculture, industry, and a multitude of services.

A performance that puts agribusiness in a position of distinction in terms of Brazil’s trade balance, in spite of trade barriers and subsidizing policies adopted by the developed countries.

Natural resources: Proven mineral resources are iron and manganese reserves are important sources of industrial raw materials and export earnings. Deposits of nickel, tin, chromite, bauxite, beryllium, copper, lead, tungsten, zinc, gold, Iron ore, manganese, uranium, gemstones, oil, wood, and aluminum. and 14% of the world’s renewable fresh water.

Agriculture Products–coffee, soybeans, sugarcane, cocoa, rice, livestock, corn, oranges, cotton, wheat, and tobacco.
Agriculture is a major sector of the Brazilian economy, and is key for economic growth and foreign exchange. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, coffee, tropical fruits, frozen concentrated orange juice with the world’s largest commercial cattle herd .Brazil is also an important producer of soybeans , corn, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, and forest products. The remainder is the production of beef and poultry , pork, milk, and seafood.

Industry: Brazil’s diverse industries range from automobiles and parts, machinery and equipment, steel, textiles, shoes, cement, lumber, iron ore, tin, and petrochemicals, computers, aircraft, and consumer durables. chemistry, material science and life sciences. steel, commercial aircraft, chemicals, petrochemicals, footwear, machinery, motors, vehicles, auto parts, cement and lumber. Brazil is one of the three countries in Latin America with an operational Synchrotron Laboratory Airplanes are one of the sophisticated products exported by Brazil.

Services Types– Brazil has a diverse services industry as well. Mail, telecommunications, banking, energy, commerce, and computing.

Brazil is now a net creditor nation with and sustained growth, booming exports, healthy and moderate inflation, decreasing unemployment

economic growth and poverty alleviation are top priorities. Export promotion is a main component

To increase exports, the government is seeking access to foreign markets through trade negotiations and increased export promotion as well as government financing for exports

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