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Jordan is a small country with limited natural resources and among the four most water-poor countries in the world, dominated by the service sector with Tourism a rapidly growing industry and with the largest number of skilled workers that help industries such as the pharmaceuticals, the Real Estate and construction sectors to continue to flourish with mass amounts of investments pouring in from the Gulf and Europe.

exports of light manufactured products, principally textiles and garments have been driving economic growth, and the bilateral US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement for more open markets in communications, construction, finance, health, transportation, and services coupled with the European Union bilateral Association Agreement, holds considerable promise for diversifying Jordan’s economy away from its reliance on exports of phosphates and potash, foreign aid and overseas remittance
there is huge potential in the solar energy falling on Jordan’s deserts, not only for the generation of pollution-free electricity but also for such spin-offs as desalination of sea water .

Natural resources: Phosphate, potash.

Agriculture : Products–citrus, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, sheep, poultry, stone fruits, strawberries, melons, dairy.

Industry : clothing, phosphate mining, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, cement, potash, inorganic chemicals, and light manufacturing.

Exports : garments, fertilizers, potash, phosphates, pharmaceutical products and vegetables.

Jordan has undertaken a program of economic reform to liberalize trade, joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) signing an Association Agreement with the European Union (EU) and signing the first bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between the U.S. and an Arab country

Although Jordan has large oil shale reserves, the country depends on external sources for the majority of its energy requirements.

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