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The Samoan government has called for deregulation of the financial sector, encouragement of investment, and continued fiscal discipline.

The economy of the fertile, fruitful, productive archipelago of Samoa
has traditionally been dependent on development aid, private family remittances from overseas, and agricultural exports with

Agriculture employing 60%s of the labor force, and 90% of exports, featuring coconut cream, coconut oil, juice of the nonu fruit, and copra. The collapse of taro exports Forced Samoa to look for alternatives to taro increasing the production of copra, coconut oil, and fish.

The manufacturing sector mainly processes agricultural products. Tourism is an expanding sector which now accounts for 25% of GDP.

Because of variations in altitude, a large range of tropical and subtropical crops can be cultivated. Coffee, Rubber, Sugarcane and Pineapples are the main productions.

Industry: tourism, coconuts, small scale manufacturing, fishing.

Exports: fish, coconut products, nonu fruit products, processing of automotive components, beer, taro.

Imports: food and beverages, industrial supplies.

New Zealand is Samoa’s principal trading partner but the large number of Asian-owned businesses in Samoa has led the increasing trade with Hong Kong and Japan.

Samoa annually receives important financial assistance from abroad allowing Samoa to cover its persistently large trade deficit when coupled with tourism, private transfers, and official transfers.

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